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We are a family of insurance agents highly trained to provide you with adaptable, safe, reliable financial solutions that guarantee the protection of your business and promote its constant growth.

We have a history of more than 20 years in the insurance sector and more than 13 years in managing credit insurance. Thanks to this experience, our company has established itself as the largest insurance agency with 100% Colombian capital in the market, focused on helping our clients expand their sales safely with minimal risk.

Our key is the knowledge and personalized advice that we provide to our clients.


At Bonds & Credit we provide solutions with the highest quality standards, taking care of every detail to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


We give clear, accurate and true answers to our clients based on our knowledge and experience.


We offer timely and effective solutions, focused on solving the specific needs and requirements of each client.


We are the positive, encouraging news with alternative solutions to the crisis, difficult or negative moments that our clients may go through.

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Provide effective support to small, medium and large companies seeking to expand their sales by protecting their assets together with a support group and comprehensive services focused on risk prevention and value creation.

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Be recognized locally as one of the main competitors in the insurance services field, contributing to the social and economic development of entrepreneurs and businessmen who invest in Colombia

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